Premises for lease

After it´s start to operate in the beginning of 2008, the Plzeň Science and Technology Park offers the following types of space:

  • offices;
  • pilot and laboratory space;
  • conference and meeting rooms;
  • business incubator; and
  • technology transfer centre.

The following services are provided when space is leased:  

  • reception, security and technical services;
  • copy centre and other administrative services;
  • catering; and
  • organisation of seminars, conferences and training activities.

The park's spaces are designed to be flexible – they can be divided by walls, or the walls can be taken down to create an open-plan office. They will meet all the standards expected of 21st-century offices and laboratories.

The basic module is approximately 20m2, although a single office may reach a size of around 160m2. The size of meeting and conference rooms is similarly flexible, with capacities that can be changed to hold between 24 and 110 people.

All clients receive an individually-tailored approach. Lease lengths can be chosen by the client to meet their precise needs, from short-term contracts lasting a few hours, or even minutes, to leases of several years.

Our terms of business:

  • A standard lease contract
  • Average rent for offices and laboratories of 2 600 CZK/1m2/plus payments for services and energy
  • A payment system based on monthly deposits
  • Concrete lease conditions – by agreement with individual clients
  • Specific client services – by mutual agreement with individual clients

However, the focus will be on individual agreement with the client, and the negotiation of individual conditions.

Spaces according to type

offices for rent

3 100 m2

business incubator

320 m2

technology transfer centre

260 m2


900 m2

conference halls and seminar rooms

260 m2

other spaces leased (catering, meeting rooms)

420 m2

Technical specifications

Area capacity

Total capacity

1st stage(2005-2008)

Surface area (m2)

30 000

12 300

Built area (m3)

61 000

33 000

Area for lease (m2)

8 000

4 700

Construction costs (mil. CZK)

cca 320

cca 185

Theoretical capacity of premises (persons)

cca 700

cca 400

Map of Borská Pole - click here.