Our logo

logoWater is life, and rivers are pathways… It is symbolic that Plzeň was founded at the confluence of four rivers. Rivers are the paths along which travellers penetrated the interior of unknown continents, bringing back new knowledge and insights to the rest of the world. This, too, is how we picture scientists and researchers – people who are prepared to spend time and take risks and who are unconcerned by any personal benefit, but are excited by the very journey into the unknown and the opening up of new vistas of knowledge. The form of our logo and its contents have their roots in the regional context, and in local tradition and history. In Plzeň we have four rivers which since time immemorial have provided the population with water and brought the city lasting prosperity. The fifth river is only symbolic, but is the famous stream which provides the world with such fine drinks as are the ones that originate in the great sources of Pilsner Urquell, Stock Plzeň – Božkov and Bohemia Sekt. We are proud of them, and they are of tremendous help in marketing the city and region of Plzeň. The Plzeň Science and Technology Park will be the symbolic 6th river – a river of ideas, whose source will be the brains, skills and abilities of the population, and above all of the scientists and researchers active in the region. We hope that many capable and creative individuals, research teams and successful companies – making a name for themselves in the keen competition of today's globalised world – will anchor in our port. Indeed, the fame of the 6th river may soon overtake that of the fifth river and the flow of material products.