Entry in the Commercial Register

Company name: Vědeckotechnický park Plzeň, a.s.

Registered office: Plzeň, Teslova 3, post code 301 00

Organisation identification number: 263 92 054

Legal form: Joint stock company

Scope of business:

  • mediation of trade and services
  • specialised retail and retail of assorted goods
  • real estate activity
  • administration and maintenance of real estate
  • lease and rental of movable assets
  • consulting activity in the fields of business, finance, organisation and the economy
  • organisation of specialist courses, training and other educational activities, including tutorial activity
  • provision of technical services
  • technical consulting activity in the fields of engineering, metallurgy, energy, chemistry and construction

Statutory body – Board of Directors:

Chairman of the Board:

Jiří Winkelhöfer

Plzeň, Nýřanská 34,

date function began: 16. March 2011

date term as board member began: 10 March 2010

Vice-chairman of the Board:

Ing. Petr Osvald

Plzeň,  Karoliny Světlé 3

date function began: 12 Macrh 2012

date term as board member began: 23 February 2012

Member of the Board:

Petr Kastner 

Plzeň, Tichá 9 

date term as board member began: 25 January 22013

Company representation:

Representation – the company is always represented by, and external negotiations in its name are always carried out by, two members of the board together, or the chairman of the board alone. Signatories – signing on behalf of the company takes place by means of the chairman of the board, or two board members together, attaching their signature(s) to the company's written or indicated name.

Supervisory board:

Michal Bogner

Ing. Lumír Aschenbrenner

Eva Zrostlíková

Lukáš Anton

Milan Janků

Ing. Miloš Nový


1 312 registered shares in documentary form with a nominal value of CZK 100 000 Registered capital: CZK 103 700 000

Paid up: CZK 103 700 000

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